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Information for Wholesalers in New Zealand, Australia & Internationally

We are always happy to discuss the wholesaling of our Houdini baby and child safety, and parental sanity saving solutions.

Our competitive wholesale prices, with the popularity and high turnover of our products, makes stocking the Houdini range within a physical or online retail store popular amongst retailers. A favourite with parents throughout NZ and the world, our products have a solid reputation behind them. The Houdini name is well-known and actively searched for online, plus asked for by name in store by parents.

Purchase Houdini Products at Wholesale Cost for Your Baby & Child Store

If you're looking for new products to resell via your physical or online baby store, the Houdini Solutions product range is ideal. Our product range includes:

  • Houdini Stop - officially crash tested to AS/NZS standards chest clip for car seats and strollers
  • Houdini Click N Lock - prevents a vehicle's seat belt buckle from being accidentally released by a toddler or child
  • Houdini High 5 - helps teach your child where to wait safely beside your vehicle
  • Houdini Door - helps keep toddlers and pets out of off limit rooms, available in two sizes
  • Houdini No Spill - a spill reduction cap for bottles
  • Houdini Hat Hole - lets a child wear a hat even with a pony tail, available in two sizes
  • Houdini Clip - a handy clip for a range of purposes
  • Houdini Duvet - keeps blankets, sheets and duvets together
  • Houdini Cosy - keeps blankets on by preventing them being kicked off
  • Houdini Go - Releases buckles without breaking your nails
To learn more about the wholesale prices and minimum order quantities we offer our wholesalers, please get in contact with us today.

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