Houdini Solutions Began With a Little Houdini...

I was stay at home mother who had a two year old who could not only get her arms out of her car seat, she could completely escape from it. I tried many strategies and products. I could not find anything that she could not escape from, so I was forced to design a product that would stop her...After solving my initial problem with a piece of elastic and some bracer clips, I then spent many months researching and adapting the design to ensure that the Houdini Stop was a safety assured product. It is now a safety legend and I have over 700,000 happy customers.

I haven't stopped there. I have many more sanity saving products available now and a couple of more waiting in the wings. I also have the Houdini Door, Houdini Clips, Houdini Hat Hole, Houdini No Spill, Houdini Click n Lock and my very latest product the Houdini High 5

My company is not too big and can still treat you personally, so email me if you have a query or possibly a product idea you think I should work on.....We are serious about your child's safety so all ideas and concerns are happily taken on board.

Houdini Solutions Ltd is a Hamilton based, New Zealand company. We happily stand behind the quality & safety of all our products. Never hesitate to contact us if you ever have a query, I am more than happy to assist.

What sort of Houdini Child do you have? 

A harness Houdini? A bedroom Houdini?  A put things into the toilet Houdini? An independent Houdini that "can do it myself"? Or do you have one of those scary quiet Houdini types? The kind where when you hear silence you know they are up to something they should not be. 

You might not even have a Houdini child. You might just have pet that you need to keep it out of your baby's bedroom or cot.

Houdini Solutions have the ideal baby and child safety products for you! Designed and made right here in New Zealand, they're available for purchase via our online child safety product shop.

Why Choose Houdini Solutions Baby & Child Safety Products?

Our high quality New Zealand made products are simple to use and very effective at what they do. Providing solutions for many common parenting stresses, we can help you to keep your toddler's seat belt on, your cat out of you baby's crib and your wriggly child from tossing off their blankets in bed.

Houdini products are stocked in many baby supplies stores throughout New Zealand and Australia. We also have several international distributors, so if you are based in another country,  we can still supply you quickly and cost effectively. 

We offer a money back guarantee on all Houdini products too! You can purchase from confidence directly from our child and baby safety products store, with free postage within New Zealand for orders over $15, and internationally for orders over $25. 

Designed by parents for parents, Houdini Solutions are proud to make life safer for our smallest and precious people: your kids!

- Bianca

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