Houdini Duvet

Are you frustrated when your child's duvet inner constantly slips down inside its cover? Is making the top bunk a hassle because the blankets always fall down.

No more daily straightening. Houdini Locks can hold many blankets together, so your child only needs to pull up one lot of blankets. They are perfect for the top bunk or restless sleeper

Simply attach one Houdini Lock in each corner of any sized duvet and relax knowing the duvet inner is finally going to stay put.


Ailea65    14/12/14
Hi everyone, awesome buy from this every creative lady, I am very happy with my product, love the safety aspects of this product and clever clips she has to offer for babies. 

Jaymalad 02/08/2016
Excellent Trader. The clips are worth buying. After started using these clips my duvet remains in place.

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