What sort of Houdini Child do you have? 

A harness Houdini? A bedroom Houdini?  A put things into the toilet Houdini? A independant Houdini that "can do it myself"? or do you have one of those scary quiet Houdini types, the kind where when you hear silence you know they are up to something they should not be. 

You might even have a Houdini child, but you do have pet that you need to keep it out of your babies bedroom or cot.

Well help is here. We are the company with the products that might just save your sanity. We certainly have the products that will help keep that Houdini of yours safer. 

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Houdini  is stocked in many baby supplies stores throughout New Zealand and Australia. We also have several international distributors, so if you are based in another country,  we can still supply you quickly & cost effectively. Postage is free for New Zealand orders over $15, and free for international orders over $25

Latest Featured Product - Houdini Door Stop

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